Reflections on The Forces That Shape Our Lives



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Modus Capital

Designed and created website copy for Modus Capital, a venture fund that invests in entrepreneurs looking to impact global communities and solve market challenges.

Progistics Distribution

Designed and created website copy for Progistics Distribution, a premier specialist in factory to door delivery, offering Last Mile Delivery solutions to the B2B and B2C markets.

Creative and Media

Staff Writer

The Story was named to Apple’s Best of 2018 List for outstanding content.


Co-Producer, The Veteran Next Door

Co-Produced and Consulted on Huff Post Live series The Veteran Next Door.

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Host, Live and Challenge

Live and Challenge highlights valuable insight and perspective that will help listeners overcome their own set of challenges and live fully.

Producer, The Mission Daily

The Mission Daily was named to Apple’s Best of 2018 List for outstanding content. Featured interviews include former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, NYT best-selling authors Beth Comstock and journalist AJ Jacobs.

Books and Articles

Author, The Sandbox: Stories of Human Spirit and War

The Sandbox: Stories of Human Spirit and War gives readers an honest, gut-wrenching portrayal of not only the camaraderie built during war, but also the toll it takes afterward on the men and women who have served.


Thrive Global

Thrive Global’s mission is to end the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance well-being, performance, and purpose, and create a healthier relationship with technology.

Contributor The Ascent

The Ascent documents the journeys of remarkable people to create a better blueprint for happiness and success

Honor Roll: Jordon Daniel And The Mission Continues

In a special Veterans Day installment, I interviewed a Navy veteran about his service, life after the military, and what it means to give back.