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Live and Challenge is a short series podcast that showcases in-depth and revealing conversations with Mike and guests about the challenges they have faced and the lessons they've learned. From best-selling authors to successful entrepreneurs to inspiring individuals, the podcast highlights valuable insight and perspective that will help listeners overcome their own set of challenges and live fully. 

Episode 1: Kamal Ravikant and The Art of Surrender

“There is beauty in the art of surrendering.”

When Kamal told me what it means to surrender, I was merely in awe. Here was a man who had climbed in the Himlayans walked 550 miles across Spain and is a respected voice in the tech industry telling me that the secret to a wonderful life, a life filled with passion and love is to give up control.

I have had an incredibly hard time doing this, giving up control that is. It’s been the thorn in my side, the pain in my ass for years. I know I need to in some aspects of my life. I can’t just let go of everything. I do ask myself what if I did? What if at one point, I just decided to let go of everything. No more bills. No more work. I can go live off the grid without a care in the world. In theory, it sounds like it wouldn’t be a bad place to be.

But then I would have be out in the wild, a place where control doesn’t exist. You don’t control anything out in nature. It does what it wants when it wants to and you’re at the mercy of its will. It’s just a whole other set of problems, problems I don’t want to deal with frankly. Not that I couldn’t hunt or fend for myself but the sheer thought of being at the mercy of nature is frightening.

And that’s when Kamal told me in this interview that we don’t control a lot of the things.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Kamal's goal when he writes

  • His latest book Rebirth

  • The Art of Surrender

  • Why He Thinks Life is a Pilgrimage