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I Know Now What I Didn't Then

The series contains wisdom from everyday people who have lived through lifechanging events and mistakes made. 


On Military Service by Marjorie Eastman

One thing I know today, that I didn’t know after 9/11 in 2001, was that I needed the Army as much as the Army needed me. I have always been focused, disciplined, hardworking. I already had my college degree. These are many of the things people say the military can give a person. What I didn’t know I needed was the chance to meet Americans from all across the country, from every walk of life—then, to be able to struggle, solve problems, and grow together. Military service unites and teaches you that we must find common ground to make it to higher ground. The mission is first, but in the same breath—people always.
-Marjorie Eastman, Author of The Frontline Generation