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Elevate Your Brand

I’m here to help you create content that will elevate your brand and connect with your customers in a more authentic and valuable way.

Create Compelling Stories

From scriptwriting to storyboarding to producing, I will shape and construct the core of your message to your audience through compelling and captivating storylines for higher conversion rates.

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Launch Your Podcast

Elevate your brand and create content that helps you connect with your audience in a more authentic and valuable way.


Podcasting is a great channel for you to reach people and engage with you in a whole new way. Podcasting allows you to build a stronger relationship with your audience in less time. Branded content produce better results which means that your audience will have a better recall of your content, be more inclined to listen and not jump around each episode. Finding common ground with your listeners through podcasting is an amazing way to build relationships for the long haul.


The most critical element of your podcast is content. Content is what will make your podcast and you great to your audience. Our first meeting will focus on your idea for a podcast. We will discuss your podcast idea, goals, target market which will help us with a name, description, and branding.

Show format and episode is the topic in our second meeting. This discussion includes recommended equipment, episode planning, and recording practices.


Our goal is to have your first six episodes recorded, two of which will be a buffer to keep you on track post-launch. I also include the managing of the editing and production for your first six episodes with this package. This includes working with a team of engineers in audio enhancements, mixing, and any edits directed by you.


I will coach you on how to publish the podcast whether you would like your podcast to be on your website or an entirely separate site specifically for the show. I also will share with you best practices in sharing your podcast online via social media, newsletters and other channels.


If you choose to have me manage the production of your launch, I will provide the complete MP3 files, so that you can publish them on your website, or wherever you choose to host.

I ask that you plan on recording a minimum of one episode a week and have all episodes done before our final call so I can provide feedback for the show.


1. Four weeks is the solid amount of time to complete your launch. You must commit to this process. I want you to be successful, but it will depend on your level of commitment to building a podcast that will be fun, engaging, and enjoyable for you.

2. Launches are an intense process. They require a high amount of focus and attention. You get out of the show what you put into it.

3. Podcast launches can generate fear, anxiety, and high levels of procrastination. As your coach, I am here to ensure that we stay the course and complete our mission together.

If for some reason, you need a longer commitment from me to launch your podcast, I am more than happy to discuss with you options that will fit your timeline.

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