After 9/11, Mike Liguori joined the Marines to fight for his country. He saw the Iraq War as an opportunity to bring purpose to his life but little did he know how much the war would change him forever. The Sandbox: Stories of Human Spirit and War gives readers an honest, gut-wrenching portrayal of not only the camaraderie built during war, but also the toll it takes afterward on the men and women who have served.

What Others Say

The Sandbox: Stories of Human Spirit and War, written by Mike Liguori, is an outstanding chronicle of his attempts to fight the war in Iraq and on the home front, after being discharged from the Marines."

The Sandbox: Stories of Human Spirit and War, written By Mike Liguori, is very insightful for those who want to understand what soldiers went through during the war and how they fought a war after arriving home. He explains in detail through his personal story how PTS is very treatable. This book is a must read because Mike Liquori shows for all those with PTS that there are success stories and he is not afraid to discuss his journey from defeat to triumph. ---Military Press

"Mike Liguori tells with great honesty about why people go to war, and with the same honesty he tells what it's like to come back from war. he shows that war is not glorious, not heroic, but that it does change people permanently. And he makes us see that the courage it takes to fight a war is quite modest compared to the enormous courage it takes to survive a war, to come home and make a new life with the lessons war has taught. Clearly, in his first book, Liguori proves that he has fulfilled this destiny himself." ---Gerald Nicosia, National Book Award Winner, author of HOME TO WAR: A HISTORY OF THE VIETNAM VETERANS' MOVEMENT