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The Ways To Be More Motivated and Disciplined

We all get stuck in ruts and slumps. It's just the nature of life. And often, it keeps us from feeling more motivated to get back on track. Even the most successful people in the world get unmotivated. 

But don't feel like you can't make a change at all. In fact, just applying one of these ways little by little will help you become more motivated and disciplined.

Do The Work

It does not matter how ambitious you think you are or want to be, not doing the work increases unreliability and will prevent you from becoming more motivated and disciplined. 

We live in a world where we want everything now. Some of us dream of having a New York Times bestseller but the problem is that we do not have a book that people can read because we don't want to tackle the work. We may think the process of writing a book is excruciating and painful.

Well, it is but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

A great way to start writing, for example, is to not look at writing a book as an entire process. Don't look at the 60,000 words that are often required for a manuscript. Look at 60,000 words and divide it by 365, the days in a year.

That number is roughly 164. So in one calendar year, you can produce a book with writing just 164 words a day.

Not so bad now, is it?

Don't Make Your Work Miserable

Vaynermedia CEO and multimillionaire Gary Vaynerchuk spoke in 2009 about how much it pisses him off that people live for the weekend with work. It's one of his most famous talks he has given, and the quote below is something that resonated with me.

"You spend a massive amount of your time each week working — so if you're miserable at work, then you're miserable for about half your life, Vaynerchuk said."

Our work is so vital to us which means if it plays that big of a part in our life, that means we have to find ways to make it more enjoyable and more fulfilling.

That might mean we find another job. It may mean we start our own venture. Whatever the case, if we are going to spend our lives at work as much as we do, we might as well enjoy it.

Ask Yourself These Three Questions

Every so often, I’ll take a step back and ask myself the three questions below. 

1. What is my definition of happiness?

2. What does success look like for me?

3. If I was taken care of financially the rest of my life, what would I want to do to work?

I write down the questions and answers. If the answers are different from the last time I ask those questions, I have to adjust and take a new course of action. Answering these three questions will create more motivation to live a better life and more happiness. 

Life is about adjustment and reaction. The more you are willing to take a look at where you are in your life, the more you can do to stay the course or be on a better path. 

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