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The Power of Unequivocal Focus

Many of us have a desire for infinite wealth and fame. We research the most successful people in the world, we mimic their habits. We do whatever we can to copycat everything they do in hopes to acquire money, recognition, and power.

We look at their business strategy, the books they read, their morning routines. We absorb everything we can in hopes to be like them.

But then, we start to hear doubt. We begin to listen to the voices of worry and anxiety penetrate our ambition and success to achieve wealth.

The most successful people in the world have found the secret weapon to knocking back the haters and shooting down the worries.

And what is that tool that brings you all the wealth in the world? Two of the wealthiest people in the world, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, were both asked to write down a single word to describe their success.

They both wrote the same word: focus.

There will be many who tell you that there are other ideas, other projects worthwhile. There will be carrots dangling in front of you. You may be tempted with a job that pays well but deep down, you know that isn’t what you want.

But it’s safe the voices will tell you. You’ll have benefits. You’ll have a paycheck every other week. Your peers may say you are crazy for going out on your own, for taking the leap.

I am here to tell you that clear focus will unlock all the wealth in the world.

Focus is not just picking the one thing to focus on. It’s saying no to the 1000 other ideas or options you may have. It’s saying no to the safety of a salaried desk job.

It’s telling yourself that the thing you want the most is the thing you deserve through hard work and a dedicated focus to achieve it at all costs.

So ask yourself as you embark on today, what is it that you will focus on to help you take over the world?

What is the one thing that is the most challenging and most ambitious that you take head on?

Whatever it is, define it with the power of, and you will define your life.

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