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1/29 Newsletter: That Time I Got My Butt Kicked in Track

Good Morning,

First off, thank you all for subscribing to my newsletter. It’s a real treat to be writing again for you and I’m excited to bring you something fun and enjoyable.

Writing this newsletter feels like the first time I won the hundred meter dash sophomore year in high school.

I had this feeling of jubilation and accomplishment. I felt fast as all hell. I felt no one could touch me. I felt that I was destined to kick everyone’s ass that stood next to me in the blocks.

The following week, I came in second to the last place. Then I came in fifth place.

Then I never won after that.

So my official track record stands at 1 win and a ton of losses but the feeling of my first win is present with writing.

That feeling makes up for getting my ass kicked by future collegiate athletes in high school and I’m glad the feeling is back again.

For my first newsletter, I wrote about success, stories, and the art of doing something you should be doing but you aren’t doing haiku style. It’s my first crack at it so hope you like it.

Scroll below to enjoy!

Adiós mis amigos,


Thoughts on Success

Define your success

You’re responsible for it

Disregard their thoughts

Thoughts on Stories

Stories should be free

They must live out in the world

Share them with friends now

The Art of Doing Something You Should Be Doing

but You Aren’t Doing It

It is hard to do

The thing you want the most now

You should start today

Some Interesting Reads From Around The Internet

Something Funny That I Would Have Tried as a Kid

That You Probably Would Have Done As Well

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