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Why You Don't Need To Ask When The Universe Gives You What You Want

I stopped asking why at a Super Bowl party. 

It was during the year the Denver Broncos played the Seattle Seahawks in New York. I was at this party surrounded by celebrities, the guy who the movie Jerry Maguire was based on; little crab wontons served on a silver platter. The view of the city was incredible, the access to bars was all you could wish when attending a party. 

It was everything you could want in watching the Super Bowl 

My friend and I kept talking about how awesome it was to be in the same line for beer as Kevin Costner. 

“Dude, how did we end up here? This is crazy.”

I knew how we ended up there. We got invited by a friend of ours who knew someone that knew the guy who the movie Jerry Maguire was based on. How I ended up there was the real question. 

If you would’ve asked me a couple of years previous to the Super Bowl party if I ever thought I would be living in NYC or a major U.S. city, my answer to you would’ve been no. If you would’ve asked me that I would be eating crab wontons off a silver plate, standing in the same beer line as Kevin Costner and walking past the guy the movie Jerry Maguire was based on, the answer would’ve been no. 

Since I was a kid, I loved asking questions. I wanted to know more about a subject, and sometimes I would get into trouble at school because teachers wouldn’t always answer my question and then, they would get mad at me for asking. And of course, being in Catholic school, the moment you start asking questions about Jesus and the Bible, let’s just say teachers who are former nuns are not too fond of inquisition. 

But being at that party, I didn’t stop asking why. I just stopped asking the universe why it put me in a great city with great people and friends and accepted that I was there. I never in a million years thought I would be at that party in NYC as a resident and somehow, the universe told me I was supposed to be there. For some reason or forces unknown to me, I needed to be at that party. Maybe the universe wanted me to have a good time, blow off some steam from work, or give me some good karma. I’m not sure, and I am ok with never knowing.