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How Can You Turn The Negative into The Positive

We can’t stop the constant negative thoughts are brain generates. It’s genetic. Trying to stop negative thoughts from happening is like being in front of a runaway truck hoping to stop it like Superman did with the runaway train. 

You can only stop it if you have superhuman strength. 

But we can embrace negativity. We have those types of thoughts all the time and by using it as fuel or energy to create positive thoughts, we can do anything we want because we already have thought about the worst thing that could happen. 

Challenge the negative. Ask yourself if what you are thinking is really what is happening. If it is really how you feel, then ask yourself how you can make it better. Just a small adjustment in your thought pattern about what you are thinking can make a world of difference. 

If it is not real, accept that fear is an easy emotion to grip on to and that negativity comes as easy as breathing. Positivity is a choice and has to be constantly worked on. Once you choose the positive, then negativity can be switched. 

Think more about what can be done rather than what cannot.