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Here's the Importance of Loving Where People Are Right Now

If you happen to think you can change someone entirely, you can't. 

If you think that you can change someone’s opinion, you may but must present a strong enough argument to persuade them. 

If you think that you can change the person you are with, you can’t just like he or she cannot change who you are. 

It’s a mistake we make too often; changing the way things are suppose to be. We can be critical of them when they don’t meet our expectations of vision of them. This creates sadness, disappointment, and in some case resentment. 

Instead of focusing on change, shift the focus to loving where they are right now. You’re creating acceptance of the things you cannot control. You are accepting that you can only change your actions and image, not the other person’s. 

Love people for where they are right now.