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If You Have An Idea, You Should Do This

Whenever I had an idea, I would ask as many people as possible what they thought about it. I would get all sorts of feedback from how bad it was or it was the best thing they ever heard in their life. I ended up asking too many people because I wasn’t hearing what I wanted to hear from the people closest to me. So many ideas I had ended being nothing more than a brief thought. I often think how if I had just not listened to the noise, how some of my ideas would’ve looked now. 

When we have an idea, we get filled with emotions like excitement, curiosity, enthusiasm. We want to tell everyone our great ideas and most of the time we do. We share with our parents, friends and family and once we get a confirmation from a couple people that are idea might have some legs, we even get more excited to make it happen.

Thing is, when we get excited, we start to tell everyone our idea. We seek more and more validation and confirmation that what we are doing is going to work. We forget that others have difference of opinions and not all opinions are not going to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

This is where you have to pick and choose what you believe in when it comes to the thoughts of others. We always are having ideas but its the opinions of others that make or break the idea. 

You will only know if your idea works if you try to make it work. Other’s opinions do not make or break the idea. 

You do.