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How to Use Negative Feedback To Achieve Greatness

Some of you know I am a big football fan, more so a San Francisco Forty Niners fan.

I love the sport for many reasons; the camaraderie, the excitement of one play changing the course of a team’s season. I love the spirit and the battle that happens on every play.

But the main reason I love football is that football showcases the power of the human spirit when the odds are heavily against a player.

The Super Bowl wasn’t as exciting as in years past. I almost fell asleep at one point due to the oversized portion of tater tot nachos hitting me like a linebacker on an outside blitz.

Even though three-fourths of America hating seeing the Patriots winning the Super Bowl for the millionth time, I actually was happy for them that they won.

And not because I am in any way a Patriots fan.

I enjoyed them claiming their sixth title because they refused to accept the narrative and the odds against them.

They were underestimated all year. Every broadcaster and analyst doubted them. Opposing coaches whispered Tom Brady was too old, his career was done, and that the Patriots weren’t as talented as in years past.

The Patriots took hold of the doubters, the haters, and made it into fuel that drove them to the title.

As for Tom Brady, at the age of 41, he refused to accept the fact that age was going to grab hold of him. At some point, Father Time will win and he force Brady to ride off into the sunset and onto the next chapter in his life.

But for now, Brady taught us that we do not have to choose to accept the outside noise, the doubt or the haters.

What others say of you does not matter.

What matters is how you proceed forward given the doubt and the noise. People will always say things about you. They will look at you and tell you that you are too slow, you’re overweight, you’re too old to start a business and too naive to start one.

Brady took the narrative against him and used it to work through every practice, every game home or away, reminding himself that no one could stop him…except him.

And who knows, maybe Tom plays until he is 50 eating avocado ice cream after every game.

The universe works in mysterious ways…

Ask yourself how you will use the negativity and the narrative of doubt to fuel your work, your life, and your relationships.

You have a choice of how you wish to use the noise that surrounds you.

Use it to do great things for yourself and others.

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