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Get Over It. You Are Not Entitled To Anything And You Never Will Be.

"It does not matter who you think you are; you are not entitled to anything. You have to earn it. Nothing is given to you.”

My dad dropped that gem on me one day at his office. I was ten and was complaining to him that the tedious task of reconciling checks was not worth the six dollars an hour he was compensating me for my time. I wanted more money because I was doing all the work he didn’t want to do. He even went as far to suggest that he would replace me with my five-year-old brother and maybe pay him more. Of course, I doubted my brother had the ability to attention to detail I had looked at routing numbers and dollar amounts to make sure they matched the reference but that wasn’t the point. 

At any point in time, I could be replaced because I thought I was better than what was out there. I tried to renegotiate and tell him I deserved more pay for my work. I hadn’t earned respect from him to ask for a raise. I had walked in entitled without putting in the work or sweat equity to make the opportunity to renegotiate my wage. 

A lot of us don’t want to do the work necessary to achieve great things. We live in a world of instant gratification. Things have to be here, right now. Relationships have to fast forward to marriage, kids, the whole nine yards. Jobs have to fast forward us all the way to high paying executive positions without putting in the long hours needed to get there. 

Right here, right now we want the world in the palm of our hand without the sweat and tears to make it ours. 

You always can be replaced by someone else at your job who will do it for less and work twice as hard. You can lose your relationship because your ego has gotten the best of you as you think you deserve all the respect in the world. You will be replaced by someone who understands that relationships are equal and it takes 100% of your time all the time to make it into everything you want. 

You have to earn everything. Nothing will get handed to you. You have to put in the work, and that is when you everything you think you deserve will come to you.