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Chase Perfection But Don't Obsess

Many times, we want perfection.

We want everything to go the way we feel it should go. We want people to talk to us in a tone and manner that is perfect for us.

We want our work to be perfect that it cannot be criticized, rather revered by everyone who comes in contact with it.

We want perfection at all costs and we’re willing to sacrifice everything for it.

What you may think is perfect may not be to others. You may share your poetry in a writing group or an article you have written online to find that your Facebook friends or followers do not approve of the piece that you’ve crafted.

They say your style is not to their liking or your word choice may be lacking to write that type of work.

You may take a picture of what you may think is the perfect plate of nachos to find that someone thinks they look sloppy and messy (which by the way, nachos should be somewhat sloppy but I will save that argument for another time,)

Chances are that perfection will always be out of your grasp.

So why try for it?

You should try for perfection in your art, your work, your hobby because you need something to strive for.

Perfection gives you a path, an opportunity to go after something. It can help bring meaning to your work and in some aspects of your life.

The great writers and artists in history knew this and created anyway. They published their work. They hung their arts on gallery walls.

And they knew that their next piece of artwork had to be better and closer to perfect.

They knew that the story they told before had to be better.

They had to chase perfection for themselves to see if they could ever get it.

So chase perfection but do not obsess. Let your work be seen and create the next one to be better.