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What Is the True Nature of Your Story?

Most mornings for the last three years, I had spent on writing my second book. I had high aspirations for this book, thinking that the experiences I have gone through and the skills I picked up would make this book ten times better than the first one. I expected that the repetitive no's to friends in regards to ski trips in the Rockies and declining camping trips with coworkers would pay off. There had to be some sacrifice if I wanted to make this book into something. I even went as far as to miss birthdays and family events just so I could sit in my apartment, in solitude and write my book.

And I thought it was going to be worth it. That was until as of recent, my publisher decided to pass on it.

Being told no crushed me. It was hard to not feel as though the hours and sweat I put into it the book was for nothing. It was difficult thinking that I hadn’t wasted time, energy, money on something that its value was determined in a matter of days.

I had been beating myself up over it as of late. I’m not regretting missing time with friends and family. I have a full manuscript, and the process revealed a lot about myself. But I am frustrated that the release and publishing of a book, the telling of my story and its fate was in the hands of someone else.

And I did it to myself. I didn't establish the book's value for myself before I wrote it. I didn't gauge what the value of the stories being written was to me.

I let someone dictate and decide whether or not the story should be published.

But I did learn something valuable from this experience, from being told no.

I learned what the true nature of our stories.

And that nature is for our stories, yours and mine, to be shared far and wide. It needs to be released into the wild, to fend for itself. Its freedom should not be predicated on a publisher, a person, or an audience. It should not be held back. It should not be decided but others instead of by you on its meaning and value. Its independence should be determined by you, the creator, the architect of the story. There is something to your account. There is something to you that needs to get out into the world, into the wild. It matters more than ever to find the ways to connect in the most authentic and valuable way.

In some ways, I am glad the publisher is not picking up the book. I wouldn’t have any revelations or epiphanies without being told no. I would have never realized that I can get my story out there in any capacity in any form without being said it's not good enough or have strings attached to it. Frankly, I now have the power to share it in any medium I choose.

The same goes for you.

You can tell your story in any shape or form you choose. You can decide what to reveal or hide. No one can hold you back from sharing where you have been, where you are going, and what you have created. And there are so many avenues to share it through blogs, books, podcasts, social media statuses. The list goes on.

The question lies in what is the true nature of your story? Do you wish for others to know you? Wish for the story to help others deal with adversity? Maybe your story is merely that of comic relief.

Whatever you choose for it to be, do not let others tell you whether it should be out in the world or not. Do not let others dictate whether you tell it.

It is you who should decide whether the story or stories you wish to share exist.

Share your story with the world and let’s get it out there.