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What I Learned By Dropping The Ball

I fucked up. 

I made a promise that I was going to write every day. I was going to post to my blog, share my thoughts, lessons I learned from my experiences and I didn't do it. 

I last wrote on Feb. 25th and when the 26th came around and I didn't have anything to write, I told myself that I would write something later in the day when "inspiration" hit me. 

Inspiration didn't hit me. In fact, nothing came to me so I didn't write. And when the 27th came, I didn't write again, waiting once again for "inspiration" to hit. 

Now here we are, mid-April, and I finally had something hit me but it wasn't inspiration. 

It was guilt, failure to follow through on my word to write every day online and publish.

Not exactly what I was looking for. 

And I beat myself up over it. Big time. I shied away from writing again for fear that one of my readers would call me out for not following through. I was worried that people would start saying negative things about me when I published again. 

Out of fear of being caught not following through, I stopped sharing with people because I cared so much about what people thought of me. 

What I should've done was written this post sooner. I should've admitted to myself how hard it was to write something every day and seen it as a challenge I needed to take on instead of being scared of opinions that could be out there. 

I dropped the ball big time with those who were reading. I didn't follow through and I learned that writing every day is a lot harder than I thought.

What's more difficult is to be able to deliver every day and the quickest way to deal with dropping the ball is to forgive yourself, own your mistake and find a way to make it right. 

Forgive yourself if you have dropped the ball and not followed through on something you said you were going to deliver. It's ok if you did. You're human and mistakes are part of who we are. If we never made mistakes, we would never learn anything. Without learning from our mistakes, we couldn't push to be better.