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Finding Your Spirituality and Who You Are with Gordana Biernat

Gordana Biernat is a writer, speaker, and wisdom keeper. Her upcoming book #KnowThe Truth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything is set to debut in Sept 2017. She is one of Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul100 teachers, and shares her messages of wisdom daily with her 300,000+ followers on Twitter.

Her messages contain knowledge and encouragement necessary for allowing change and assist those who seek self-development and a greater sense of being through intellectual and spiritual exploration. Her purpose is to help people realize how powerful and unique we all truly are. Gordana holds Masters Degrees in Art History and Art Sciences, Psychology, and Communication and Media at Lund University in Sweden. 


At eleven years old, you had an epiphany that you said changed your entire life. Tell me more about this experience.

It was a profound experience for me. As a child, late at night while in bed, I used to daydream about things I wanted to figure out and understand. On this particular evening, I thought about the shape of the Universe. It was mind boggling to me because I couldn’t grasp how something could be eternal or infinite and yet have boundaries, so I tried to imagine an outer edge somewhere of the Universe. The harder I tried, the more the Universe expanded in my mind. All I could see were more stars. I thought, my imagination is infinite, but the real sky would probably give me some clues. I jumped out of bed, ran to the window and looked at the stars in the night sky. And then it happened. I realized that the stars in the sky were the same as they were in my mind. My imagination and the Universe felt like one and the same thing, and I knew at that moment that they were made of the same stuff.

Although I realized, at the age of eleven, the ancient universal truth of "as above, so below," I couldn’t share it with anyone because I was raised in a family where girls had no rights to speak up or even to have these types of thoughts. As a girl, I was expected to do my chores and mind my own business. So, I kept most of my wonderings to myself.

And it's amazing how the Universe always answers when you are silent and take your time to listen. What the Universe showed me that night was that the Universe and I are ONE. My mind and the mind of the Universe are ONE.

As the Universe is the creator of its world filled with galaxies and stars, so I am the creator of my world with everything in it. This profound realization of my oneness with the Universe put me on a path of self-illumination spending my life pursuing dreams of raising consciousness in the world.


There is a chapter in your forthcoming book #KnowTheTruth called “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?”. I found it interesting because I feel this question is an overarching problem in our society and you have a great take on self-discovery. How can we as a society answer this question?

We would need to "jump out" of this physical reality to fully grasp who we truly are. But if we think about why we are here then it becomes easier, because the why is connected to our desires and what we came here to explore.

In other words, figuring out who you are means exploring what you love to do.

So, as a society, we need to allow ourselves to daydream more. When we daydream, we are in a state of self-exploration playing with our desires and dreams about who we are and what we want to become. 

Daydreaming is an important way of getting to know ourselves which, in my opinion, is crucial because consider this: 

If you don't know who you truly are, then every action you take is an unconscious action. 

On the other hand, the more you explore what you like, love or desire in your reality the more you are aligned with who you are and why you are here. When you are fully aware of who YOU are, your actions become conscious. An action coming from consciousness cannot be based on ignorance. If we all spent a few minutes a day to daydream, visualize and explore what we love to do, it would raise consciousness and self-awareness in the world. As simple as that!


In your book, you talk about the concept of oneness and how to explore it. I found it fascinating when you describe how finding oneness starts with thinking about where I "begin" and YOU "end." Can you go into more detail about that?

When I was a child, I couldn't wrap my mind around this concept of everything being ONE. I kept asking myself; How could I possibly be ONE with everything else when obviously I was the ONE experiencing everything else? How can I be ONE with someone while at the same time experiencing them as outside of me and other than me? If I am ONE with everything then what is outside of me? If I am ONE with everything then where do I "end" and where do you "begin"?

Understanding Oneness starts with realizing that there is no space between us.

The question then is; What is this "glue" or field holding everything in the universe together? Ancient thinkers would name it God; quantum physicists call it the infinite quantum field, I like to describe it as consciousness. The way I see it, we are one consciousness experiencing itself through many focus points of awareness. In that sense, we are ONE consciousness experiencing itself through each and every ONE of us. The concept of ONE is hard to grasp because it is paradoxical in its nature. Outside becomes inside like a dream within a dream.


Why do you think people need spirituality and what is the state of spirituality in the world?

I think spirituality is all about the desire to expand beyond what we can see, feel, hear and touch. It fills an inherent "need" to remember our true essence and divine origin. Having a spiritual belief system is a way of freeing ourselves from the limitations of the physical world by expanding in our inner Universe instead of the outer physical one. A spiritual experience is highly personal and at the same time utterly universal. It is controllable and at the same time totally unpredictable. The way I see it, we are all curious spirits having a physical experience for the joy of exploring this beautiful paradox.

At this moment, we are expanding our consciousness. That is why it feels easier than ever to talk about awareness, consciousness, spirituality and things beyond our five senses. More and more people sense that there is more to this reality than meets the eye. We are slowly awakening to our creative power. We are slowly unveiling the truth about who we truly are.


How can people affect the change they want in their life?

We are beings made of vibrating energy, as is everything else in our Universe, so the only "thing" differentiating you from me or sand from water is the vibrational frequency of that energy. Every thought, emotion or situation has its unique frequency. For example, Love is a higher frequency than fear. And here is the simple thing - what you put out is what you get back - your frequency is mirrored back to you in the form of a solid reality. Since your frequency determines what you attract and experience in your immediate reality then an important question to ask yourself is: What in my frequency do I need to change to get a different manifestation?

You cannot change what you do not own so taking full responsibility of for everything in your reality gives you the power to change what you need to change. When your reality presents you with low-frequency emotions such as fear and worry, it is an indication that you need to heighten your frequency by focusing on gratitude, joy, love and appreciation.