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Here's What Super Bowl 51 Taught Me About Resilience

With a 25 point lead in the 3rd quarter, I thought the game was over. 

It had to be. The Falcons were killing arguably the best team in all of football. And even the best team in football knew that they had less that a 4% chance to win the game. 

Well, sure as hell, we witnessed the game of the century. The Patriots came back and beat the Falcons in overtime, the first time the Super Bowl went there. 

So what did I learn?

Tom Brady mentioned that the Patriots to come back needed about 30 plays to win the game. 30 different plays to score three touchdowns, three extra points, two field goals. And when the Patriots went into the locker room, they talked about more games in the NFL are lost than won. 

Each play matters. Each choice we make matters and every effort also matter. It only takes a series of plays, a couple of choices to swing the pendulum in our favor. No matter how much we are down, we always have a chance until the clock strikes zero. 

The first and most important choice starts with how are you going to react when you’re down by 25.