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Here's What Age Is About Told By My Father

At dinner one night in Vegas, I asked my dad to tell me about the 60's.  

There are two ways to tell the story of the most life changing period in American History; the way the history books say and those who went to Woodstock '68. 

My dad is a man who remembers those times vividly so. Specifically, he touched on the three-day concert of love and drugs as where he felt the freest. 

"Dad, since that time, what is the biggest takeaway you learned from Woodstock?"

He told me of the time where he stood in a field at Woodstock, watching the sun come up as hundreds of thousands of people laid in the grass, half naked and high on every single drug you possibly could imagine. White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane started to play, and my father told me that moment as if it had happened yesterday. He spoke of his feelings, music touching him to his very core at the most memorable concert in human history.

"You do enough drugs, party enough times in the same places and with the same people, you realize that there is more to life. And that's what age is; being able to know when it's time to close one chapter and open another."