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This is When It's the Best Time To Walk Away

We can become bigheaded and think that no matter what, we can not be stopped. 

We hate to lose. Losing to us means a hit to our ego. We don’t want to be seen as a quitter, someone who just gave up the moment things get rough. 

That may be true. Sometimes enduring the rough seas is the only way to get through to the calm waters.

What happens when you lose a ton of money or an ex treats you poorly and the relationship you once loved is nothing like it use to be? Do you endure the rough seas in hopes things calm down?

Sometimes the best favor we can do for ourselves is to walk away. When we walk away, we are saying that we will no longer endure the loss and let our ego control us. We acknowledge that the experience whatever it may be, will be a teaching moment for us. 

We accept the loss, the pain, the strife as part of our personal growth. 

And that’s when it’s best to walk away.