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What Will You Do When The Rounds Come Down Range?

Not everyone is cut out to accomplish all of their dreams and goals in life. 

Many a time, I thought that I could never endure the daily grind of an entrepreneur; the waking up, working, getting hit the face (metaphorically of course,) and then coming home only to do it all over again the next day. 

But entrepreneurism is my way to freedom. It ensures I do wake up, not dreading I go to work to a job I don’t like to work for a boss who doesn’t know how to lead. It also gives me total freedom of thought. 

I can do whatever I want. 

We talk about things like they are easy to obtain. And it’s always easier to talk about goals then to do them. 

In combat, there is a saying that you know the true character of someone when the rounds are coming down range at you. 

You either shoot back and fight. 


You freeze.

The same can be said with people who want control and freedom over their life. You give people an opportunity to seize the moment and you find out if they will shoot back and fight or they will freeze. 

What will you choose when the rounds come down range? Will you seize the moment when someone hands you an opportunity or will you freeze?