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Here's The Reason for Establishing a Winning Culture

ESPN NFL Analyst Herman Edwards mentions this often when talking about the ever changing landscape of the NFL. Despite the opinions of the media, and every single sports writer in the world who chips in their two cents to who is the best team in the league, Edwards often replies with this simple line 

“You Are What Your Record Says You Are.”

Watching the playoff games yesterday, I found that many of the teams that made the playoffs this year were teams that had solid foundations; a core group of players, strong head coach, and synchronicity from top to bottom. 

Everybody was on the same page.  

The teams that didn’t make the playoffs were the ones that had constant dysfunction throughout the season. The play calling was off, the players were partying more and studying their playbook less. The locker rooms were not strong and there were multiple opinions on where the organization was heading. 

Everybody was on their own page. 

It takes a lot of work to get people to buy in and put their differences aside for the betterment of the organization. You have to get everyone to put aside their egos. You have to put yours aside in addition to coming up with a goal where each person can see themselves being a part of it. 

The successful teams and organizations are the ones that can accomplished the aforementioned. 

The ones that can’t look great from the outside, but internally, the egos, the power struggles, the money all affect the performance of everyone. Not everyone can put their ego aside. Not everyone can agree on the same goal. And it creates turmoil and chaos. 

How do you change this?

You can’t. You can only change your thoughts and emotions to it. You can change your work ethic. You can change your goals. You cannot change everyone’s mind. 

But, you can be a great leader. You can remember the periods of dysfunction that you are going through. You can remember how your boss treated you whether good or bad and apply it to when it is your time to lead. 

Great leaders remember where they came from and what they experienced. Great organizations have great leaders who know what dysfunction looks like and do everything possible to make sure it does not happen again. 

If you want to win the championship, you have to establish your own culture of winning. And it starts with getting yourself aligned with your goals and aspirations.