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You Can’t Expect That You Will Be Good at Writing If You Do Not Write

I know this to be true because I fucked around for a couple of years not applying myself like I will be telling you to in this post. 

I would write a couple of times a week, jotting down thoughts via hand written notes and a uni-ball black pen. Then, I get this idea I think is awesome and would start typing away. All the sudden, I am stuck with the dreaded disease of writer’s block, feel the resistance building up to push through it, and decide that I’ll put it off until later or tomorrow, or the next day. 

I did this for a long time. Recently, I went through some of my old writing notes to find tons of ideas incomplete, messy, and not making sense. I was embarrassed. It wasn’t because I didn’t finish what I had started, but these notes were a representation of how I did not believe in myself that I was a writer and looked for excuses not to practice.  

So if you want to become a writer, here’s the trick: you have to allow yourself to be one. If you can have ideas or thoughts, you can write them down. If you practice every day, you will get better. 

For those of you who want to be a professional writer, dream of writing books every year like James Patterson, it is not as glamorous as you think it is.  Professional writing is a difficult life. It’s life where there is the constant struggle of developing a story more, figuring out the protagonist’s trajectory of evolution in a series of chapters. There is also the constant fear that no one will read your shit and the moment you start to think that, you’re screwed. You start looking for excuses, beat the crap out of yourself and beat yourself down. 

As a writer, you have one enemy; you. 

I do not write to please people. I do not write to make sure everyone is happy with the words I am putting down. 

I write because I need to.

So if you want to become a writer, stop procrastinating. Don’t think about what others will say. Nothing you write will ever be good because every writer thinks what they wrote sucks. You’ll only know if it’s good when one person reads it and tells you they enjoyed it. It only takes one person to like it. Write because you need somewhere to let your mind wonder and think through a personal problem or an idea you have for a business. 

Just put the words to paper and see what happens.