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Why We Are More Narrow than Open-Minded

We don’t like being rejected or unaccepted. 

But we do it all the time to others. 

We are more narrow-minded than we think we are. We say we are accepting of others, open to receiving how others are, how we are made. We tell people that we are always welcoming of all walks of life. 

But we crucified our colleagues, our friends during the election. It got so bad this past election that some of the people we were friends with were telling us if we voted for Trump, that we should unfriend them and no longer be in their lives. 

Whatever side of the fence you stand on, you are not open minded if you do not accept the choices people make, the person they vote for, and the beliefs that go against yours. You are open minded when you can put aside your opinion of others. You are open minded when you can forgive people for the things you disagree with.

Embrace the difference in each other, strive to understand and be flexible in your approach. It’ll give you freedom beyond measure.