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Here's The Reason You Should Live in The Moment

You have more than the average person yet chances are you are worried about more money, buying more things to validate your life somehow. 

Nothing exists except right now. 

Your past is a series of memories, and you think about it often. As Steve Jobs said,  “It’s always easier to connect the dots when you’re looking back.” The past consists of heartbreak, loss, joy, every single thing possible. Most of us get stuck in the past because we knew what happened and the future which does not exist at this moment scares the crap out of us yet excites us because it is a blank slate, a slate where we can dream of whatever we want it to be. 

Have you ever realized that what you have at this moment right now is more than you could ever imagine? 

Focus on what's happening to you right now. Pay attention to the person across from you telling you a story (that means don’t look at your phone.) Enjoy the sip of beer on a Friday night, the amazing tacos you are having for dinner. 

There is no reason to overanalyze what you experienced in the past or fantasize the future with plans. The only constant right now is that everything is susceptible change. Your relationships, your work, everything. 

So just live with what you have right now because it’s what you have now that matters, not what you will have tomorrow.