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If You Shift Your Mindset to Gratitude, This Will Happen For You

If you shift your mindset to being thankful and appreciating what you have, your life will change. Waiting for change leads to you sitting on your hands hoping to God that the solution will just show up at your front door. 

Gratitude allows you to remove yourself emotionally from a problem. Our emotions are strong, and we believe them more than anything, and with being appreciative, you see that what you have is all you need and that the problem isn’t as big as you think it is. 

Practice: Think of the things you have now and write a list of them. You’ll be shocked to see how much you truly have and what others don’t. I started doing this in December where I wrote three things I am grateful for and each day; the three things have to be different. I became more appreciative of my clothes, the friends I have, the money that is coming in (you get the picture.) Don’t wait to start fresh tomorrow. You can do them right now.