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What Would Happen If You Forgave and Let Go of a Grudge

We hold grudges because we don’t like the outcome. 

Grudges give us a reason to feel busy whether it's an upcoming sports rivalry game or something someone did to us a long time ago. Grudges give us the power to feel like we were in the right. And most of the time, we forget what we were even fighting about in the first place. 

They also suck the hell out of us. We become tired holding onto something that in the end could be meaningless and yet; we ignore this because we have to be right. We can’t be wrong in the eyes of someone who was a complete ass to us. 

What if you forgave a grudge? How would it feel to let it go? Maybe you would feel a huge weight off your shoulders. Maybe the energy you felt like you were losing by holding on to something will come back and energize you to do something more. 

When we let go, we free ourselves up for other things, especially the things we want in life. Holding onto something based on the actions of another person is a weight we cannot afford to hold onto when we are attempting to live a life full of our goals and ambitions.