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I share my thoughts on the experiences and forces that shape are lives. I also conduct interviews with amazing individuals who have overcome insurmountable odds and shared what they have learned along the way.

The Last Day

For most of us, waking up tomorrow will feel like a fresh start.

We can put the memories of the year behind us, the heartache, the loss, the gains, the joy of being with our friends and family.

Jan. 1, 2017 feels like the year of endless possibilities. 

I feel good about it. You should too. As long you remember that this past year was made for us to learn something we needed to get us to this point. Whether it was a job gone wrong, a relationship that didn't work out, or plans you had for the bright future turned on its head, take a lesson from the year past good and bad. 

You'll be better off for it. I know I have a lot to learn and reflect on today before tomorrow AM. But that's exciting to see what can be learned, what can be taught, and what can we grow from.