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I share my thoughts on the experiences and forces that shape are lives. I also conduct interviews with amazing individuals who have overcome insurmountable odds and shared what they have learned along the way.

Here's How Failure Taught Me More Than I Could Ever Imagine

Many of us talk about failure as part of the journey we are on. Often, it’s the catalyst for personal and professional successes. It can lead us to a land of limitless potential, fueling us to achieve greater things more than we could ever imagine. It's still such a vulgar word. Why do we limit ourselves to speak about the perceived challenges on the road to success?

In 2007, my journey started with a diagnosis of combat-induced PTSD. I was a recently discharged Marine who served two tours in Iraq. A group of doctors told me that for the rest of my life, I would be facing an uphill battle and that I would constantly have to be in treatment, talk therapy or on meds to not get derailed by it. 

When I found out about my newfound diagnosis, I drank just as much, reneging on many therapy sessions and self-medicated more than ever.  I woke up from the same dream a couple of times a week. The dream ended the same every time, me bleeding out from a firefight in Iraq. I’d wake up in cold sweats, my heart beating faster than ever. This dark period lasted what seemed like an eternity, and I often questioned my existence almost taking my life on a cold day in December. 

My life appeared to be a constant failure until I woke up from a depressing sleep realizing that I had been looking at life all wrong. It wasn't a series of accomplishments that made life worth living rather it was the series of failures and how you overcame them that made life worth every moment. I had failed so much personally and professionally that the lessons learned from those experiences were the most precious pieces of advice. I decided it was time to change my outlook to change my life. Millions of people in the world have been on the same or similar road like I have, feeling like life is overwhelming and that failure is something to avoid. 

Failure is our greatest teacher and is the inspiration for why I started interviewing others on their road to success. My hopes for the series is that those interviewed will share their darkest and trying times in order to help others find their success and happiness. 

I hope these interviews will help you like they have helped me.  

Mike Liguori