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My New Year's Resolutions

It’s the most wonderful time of year where we get to feel every Jan. 1st is time for us to start fresh. We erase what happened to us this past year, screaming in our heads that we can’t wait for next year to come. 

I have found that when I make New Year’s Resolutions, it results in only two things:

1. It’s exciting for me to dream up the endless possibilities of how my resolutions will make me a better man.
2. Making those commitments is a lot easier than sticking with them

For most of us, the need to start over is a blessing and a curse. We can erase the moments where we felt the deepest of our emotions get the best of us, the rolling ball of shit that comes downhill and seems to destroy everything in its path. No matter how exciting looking at a clean sheet can be, the memories of what we went through remain so we, try to forget what happened to us. 

What I found that the need for me to start over came from not valuing my experiences from the past. I would look at ex-girlfriends as no longer in my life rather than look back and realize that even though we are no longer together, I came away from that experience learning something about myself. 

I would look at jobs as just a stop along the way instead of looking at them as little schools where I learned what to do and what not to do. 

And it took me until the past year to see everyday I learn something new and there is something to take out of every experience. 

As today is day 1 of 2017, I commit this year to learning more, asking more questions, and pushing myself outside of the comfort zone. I want to live a life where I see things as experiences rather than events. I want to do more for people by doing more for myself. 

It’s a New Year everyone and here's to the best version of yourself. 

Happy 2017!