I share my thoughts on life and interviews with amazing individuals who have overcome Insurmountable odds. 


You cannot let the idea that it may not work out affect how you live your life. Chances are what makes us human. We take them all the time. The best chances are the ones that not only pay off but the chances that when we learn the most

Imagine life without chances. We would live in a bubble, afraid of ever connecting with people, starting that business we want, asking out the person of our dreams. 

When we were kids, we took risk all the time. We didn’t know or have a general concept of failure. We just did it. We didn’t know what would happen. 

And we didn’t care. 

If you’re thinking of starting something, afraid of the failure, the what ifs and buts, 

Be a kid again. Just do it and see what happens. 

“You cannot let a fear of failure, fear of judgment dictate your life.” 
-Charlie Day