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All That Stuff

When I moved to New York, I learned a valuable lesson in packing and managing space. The two places I lived were not big at all and very overpriced. But it’s New York, so what do you expect?

I had to get rid of a lot of stuff just to make sure everything fit in my room. As I was cleaning, I realized that I often found myself wondering why I was still holding on to this item, like a TV, an old pair of sneakers, and books I haven’t read in years and no interest in reading. 

When I went to Europe this past summer, I was surprised at how little advertising there was for retail stores and online shopping. The experience was totally different with customers and the people working behind the counter. It seemed like the person behind the counter had no sales quote, no pressure from upper management to sell, sell, sell and get customers to buy, buy, buy.  

I didn’t feel like I wanted stuff after I came back. I felt like that I only need to buy what is necessary. 

I remember when I wanted a bigger house, faster cars, cooler phones hoping that I would not only fit in with the masses but I would become happier because I had what I thought was the things I wanted.   

The truth is that more stuff wouldn’t make me happy or secure. It was more likely more than probable that the more I had, the more I had to manage, the more I’d tend to worry and stress about the things I’d acquired. 

And it infiltrated my life. 

So when I cleaned out my possessions, I was able to free myself. I finally was able to ask if I needed all the things I wanted. 

And I didn't. What I wanted was to feel fulfilled and see that I was fulfilled. Stuff didn't do that. And it never will.