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Asking for Forgiveness

It's something I have had to work on for a long time. It’s hard for me still. I have gotten better at admitting when I am wrong especially owning that I may have said things that may have been hurtful. 

Nothing humbles you more than asking for forgiveness. It takes courage especially we all love being right. I love being right. We love being right even if we were wrong. 

Being wrong is hard for us because it shows the other person our vulnerabilities. Most of us view being wrong as a chink in the armor, a weakness in our defenses that we are afraid that someone will take advantage of it. 

Asking for forgiveness not only shows vulnerability but humility. It’s humbled me time and time again. I still to this day when I make a mistake or say something to someone, have to overcome the idea that I will expose myself to being taken advantage of rather than viewing the ask for forgiveness as a way to make me stronger and a better person. But when I do ask for forgiveness, I feel the weight's been lifted from my shoulders. I feel more compassionate and open. More importantly, I get to know myself more with every ask of forgiveness I make. 

“Don’t forgive because you are weak, forgive because you are strong enough to understand that everybody makes mistakes.”