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Trust Your Crazy Ideas

Some of my ideas don't work out. Most of the time, I think they're great because they end up working out in my head just the way I wanted it. 

Author James Altucher uses this Idea Muscle concept. You write ten ideas a day no matter if they are good or not. It's supposed to be an exercise for your brain. 

I did it once a couple years ago, and it felt good. They were all crazy. I think one of them was having shoes that tied themselves. And I thought it would never happen (thanks for making it happen, Nike!)

Whether they are good ideas or not is not what matters. You won't know if they're good until you try them out. Even if you can't do your ideas,  find someone who you think will help. They may make it happen. 

Sometimes, you'll share your idea with someone who will tell you your idea sucks.  Some of these people are associates. Some are people that like to give opinions and answers no matter what the subject. 

We call them Know It Alls. 

Know it Alls are toxic. They will keep you from following any ideas. They'll bring up money and the high percentage of failure (which by the way, everything you do in life has a high percentage of failure when you don't try.) 

They'll tell you they have done something similar or pull out of their ass that they know someone who did what you want to do and failed miserably. Know It All's may seem well intentioned. 

But they're not. 

When you meet a Know It All, trust that no matter how much they tell you your idea is bad, trust that it isn't. Chances are you will fail at some point with your idea. Failure is a good thing. It'll make you learn fast. It'll make you build your idea even better. It'll make you want to include others so you can build it faster and do it better. 

Trust your crazy ideas. You may be the person who would've invented self-tying shoes.