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Money Doesn't Suck

I interned with a buddy of mine at this home office. We were working on some big deals involving lots of money. Just being out of the military, I was determined to be successful. My Staff Sergeant had told me before I left the Marines that I wouldn’t make it out in the “real” world and that the Marines were the ones who really cared about me. It actually made me mad that he said that to me and honestly, I thought he was right at the time. So I focused on making money since money solves everything. It can solve all your problems. You can do whatever you want with it, and no one in the world could ever tell you what to do because you have money and money makes you valuable.

At least I thought it did.

Turns out, the guy I interned for didn’t have that great of a reputation and was doing some stuff let’s just say was against my moral compass. I wasn’t motivated by money anyway. I thought I was. I thought it could solve all my problems and prove my Staff Sergeant wrong. I did get a paycheck though which was nice.

Work sucks when you do something that doesn’t motivate you. I thought money would help me with everything post military. It would buy me the large house, the smoking hot wife, and awesome rides. It could get me access to any event I wanted, cut in front of the line at the hottest nightclub. Anything I want.

The truth is work doesn’t suck. Money sucks.

Well, money doesn’t suck. It only sucks when you slave away hours on end just to have it. You sit at your cubicle waiting for the big sales check to come only to find that the government took 40%. Then you have to pay rent, utilities. You have to feed yourself and have enough to spend on the weekends. You then have to put down money on your student loan, and soon you are left with little to none. And you put all that time, all of your hard work and motivation into coming back with less than what you expected. Nothing good ever happens when you are miserable. Nothing works for you the way you plan when you are not fired up, helping others, and feeling the success you know and deserve.

Sometimes, that’s ok. Different things about money motivate different people. Some of us want more money than we know what to do with. My brother loves money. He is one of the hardest workers I know. My mother, on the other hand, likes and knows money is vital. She would rather have enough to be comfortable and spend the rest on other people.

And it’s not your fault. From a young age, the message has been that we need money. We need more of it so we can spend more of it and continue feeding the cycle of consumerism. No one told us that if we’re waiting for the clock to count down to 5 on a Friday afternoon every week and dread going to work on Monday, then we need to think about why we are working that job.

Work should be fulfilling whether it’s the company, the people, the work itself or simply you love feeling you belong. And that’s when money doesn’t suck.

I saw a job the other day from a company I used to work for. A sales job, selling software and on target earnings were 100k+ a year. That’s way more I was making at my last sales job. But I wouldn’t do sales again. It’s not what motivates me. Neither does money.