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How to Live Your Future Now

March 02, 20236 min read

How to Live Your Future Now

The most successful people in the world know that their lives focus on where their attention and energy go.

They identify and focus on where they spend time and who they spend time with.

They focus on the positive habits that create the abundant future they envision for themselves.

They realize that their lives are directly connected to the choices they make right now.

If you want to change your life forever, it is time for you to embrace the concept of creating your future self.

The future self-concept has been embraced by some of the most successful people in the world as a means to create results much faster, have significant change be created much quicker, and remove bad habits.

The basis of the future self-concept starts with the energetics self-mastery theory, which is the study of how energy can be used to create the life you desire.

The foundation of energetic self-mastery starts with your thoughts and feelings as the driver of your experience of the world around you.

Your life can change incredibly fast by changing your thought patterns.

How to Change Your Thought Patterns

Having negative thoughts is part of your human experience in this lifetime. There is no escaping them. Your brain is thousands of years old, and when it was first created, it thrived off what is known as the limbic system.

The limbic system is a part of your brain that is responsible for your behavior and emotional responses. The limbic system is primarily responsible for your flight and fight responses.

During prehistoric and ancient times, lifespans were much shorter, and the world was more dangerous (think animals hunting you, ongoing medieval battles, you see where I am going with this), so your limbic system served you well in keeping you safe and alive.

The need to fight off animals hunting us decreased and so did living in the harsh environments of the world. Our brains began to develop what is now known as the pre-frontal cortex.

The prefrontal cortex is responsible for memory, managing emotions, and attention and has been associated with higher consciousness and well-being.

Simply put, our prefrontal cortex holds the key to changing our thought patterns.

Here's what is interesting based on what I researched.

Because most of us are no longer living in the harsh elements or have our lives in danger with lions, tigers, and bears, our prefrontal cortex wants to create.

But our limbic system, our default operating system, is still doing its job of making sure we are safe and stay as much as possible in our comfort zone.

Our prefrontal cortex and limbic system are in constant conflict with each other.

That's why it is so hard for us to remove negative thoughts completely.

What is a more effective way is for us to become aware of the two aforementioned parts of our brain and focus our efforts on more positive thinking,

We can do this by doing a vision board exercise.

If you're not familiar with a vision board, it is an exercise that puts you in creation and dreaming mode of how you want your life to look.

People usually use cutouts from magazines and photos of those they love to cover a board with their ideas of what they want their lives to look like.

This exercise is quite powerful because it focuses your attention on the things you desire in your life, which activates more of the prefrontal cortex.

It also helps reduce the impact of your limbic system telling you that it is unsafe for you to go after your dreams and you could get hurt leaving your comfort zone.

I found vision boards help me bring clarity to what I desire and dream in my life.

Here are some places I recommend going to learn more about vision boards

Identify Why You Want to Change Your Life

To change your life, it is not just changing the thought patterns that will lead you to have a successful life.

Most people think you must change your thought patterns to be positive and everything you want comes to you.

While removing as many negative thoughts as possible from your thinking is vital, you cannot change your life without identifying first why you want to change your life.

Many of us go our entire life trying to find the significant changes to gain more confidence, feel passionate about our lives, and be productive all the time.

We read all the self-help books and implement systems and processes into our lives to find any significant changes we can make to get a fresh start in life.

There is a lot of value in restarts when it comes to your life; however, thinking that any change you want to make in your life needs to be a big change will not help you.

You don't need to have a grand framework or multiple-hour morning routine that will optimize your entire day.

You only need to find where you would like positive change to occur in your life and focus your attention there.

Let's take money, for example.

If you desire to have more money, you will start by looking at what you want to change in your life regarding money.

Look at your behaviors with it. Are you spending too much money?

Are you not spending money that fits your dream lifestyle? (I'll go more into why this is important for creating more abundance in your life in another post)

Are you not respecting the money you earn, meaning you don't practice gratitude when you receive it?

Start by asking yourself what changes you would like to make and focus on letting a solution come to you in changing your money habits and your life.

Learn to Embrace Discomfort

Once you identify the changes you wish to make in your thinking and in your life, the next step is to embrace the discomfort that will come with changing the bad habits that do not serve you so you can create the meaningful life you desire.

One of the key principles of energetic self-mastery I teach my clients is that you are the creator of your experiences.

This means that how you perceive the world, yourself, and others are directly tied to your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

I start at this point with my clients and begin to work with them on changing their idea of themselves and the world to reflect what type of life they wish to live.

And one of the key tenets of energetic self-mastery is learning to lean into the discomfort you will experience when removing negative thoughts from your self-preservation.

It will be difficult initially because you are not used to having positivity as your default.

You are not used to the idea that you deserve to receive what you desire in your life so you can change your life.

Many of my clients struggle with the idea that they deserve to live a happy life.

They struggle with the positive attitude of being a permanent fixture in their life simply because their default programming tells them that life will not always go their way.

This is where leaning into the discomfort of a new life you choose to create is vital.

What you want in your life lies outside of your comfort zone. When you create new behavior changes, more health, wealth, and love exist for you.

If you're ready to create a new life filled with more health, wealth, and love, apply for my 1:1 consulting, where I will teach you the principles of energetic self-mastery to transform your life. 

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