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How to Live a Full Life: The 5 habits of the 1%

February 28, 20234 min read

Many of us will go through life never living to our potential. We will get distracted.

We will become filled with self-doubt and worry.

We will meet our end with regret.

Kind of scary, huh?

That’s what overcame me when I read this study from 2018 that roughly 5% of people claim they are using 100% of their potential according to this ongoing query.

I believe that number is much lower with social media becoming more of a mainstay in people’s lives.

I know I don’t want to be in the majority when it comes to living to my potential. I know you don’t either.

I know that if you’re reading this, you have a desire for much more in your life.

You desire more wealth, energy, love, happiness.

And you believe it’s attainable.

And all that you desire can only be obtained being the 1%.

The 1% of people who are willing to put themselves out there, to live life on their terms and embody these five habits.

Habit 1: They treat life as an adventure

The greatest adventure is life itself, and those who live to their full potential embrace the experience of life.

They seek experiences that can make them uncomfortable. They throw themselves into states of discomfort.

They continue to push themselves to the next level in the game.

Not because they are greedy or selfish, or ego-driven.

They enthusiastically embrace this adventure and where it will take them. To live like the 1% means every day is an opportunity for you to change your life and live an adventure.

Habit 2: They do not settle for less than what they desire

The 1% go for what they want.

They do not settle for less.

They do not make compromises with themselves.

They do not renegotiate their goals and dreams.

They keep their eye on the prize.

Habit 3: They do not allow the outside world to determine their internal state

The world is full of noise.

A majority of people will let that world impact them. They will let the news and social media dictate their behaviors and state, which leads to inner chaos, distraction, and confusion.

The noise will always be there.

But those on a quest to live a full life live according to their internal state rather than their external environment.

World War III could be happening, and the 1% continue to let their inner compass guide their journey in life.

They let peace be the driving force of their life. They do not let what society determines they should have to be deemed successful.

They determine that for themselves.

Habit 4: They practice gratitude for what they have while pursuing more

It is common for the majority to seek more. We live in a world where acquiring material things and posting them for the world to see is a way we validate our worthiness.

It’s common also for 1% to want more, but there is a difference between the majority and the 1%

The majority acquire for validation of their identity. The 1% acquire for the experience of their identity.

The 1% are grateful in practice for all they have accomplished. The adventures they created, the businesses they have, and the friends they have made along the way.

They cherish the experience of what they have obtained and let their internal pursuit create the next adventure for them.

All for the experience of what it’s like to achieve.

Habit 5: They enjoy the journey and process of building their life

The 1% don’t have anywhere to be. They are not in a rush to get to their future. They are not in a hurry to have it all for them to say they finally made it.

The 1% are builders. They believe in compound action, daily actions that build success over time.

They have fun creating something from the ground up, knowing that someday, what they have built will be complete.

They don’t have a day. They don’t have a time or deadline.

They are immersed in the building.

They go to the gym to exercise their body because of the practice of excercise, not for the summer photos.

They focus on the routine.

They read because they enjoy it, not because they can share how many books they read this year on social media.

They build for the sake of building.

They enjoy the journey and process of building their life.

Knowing that, in the end, the journey was the destination


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Mike Liguori

I'm an entrepreneur, strategist, and consultant for the Creator Economy. I’m the author of two books, The Sandbox Stories of Human Spirit and War, and The Road Ahead and Miles Behind A Story of Healing and Redemption Between Father and Son. I run a media company called Live Your Truth Media that empowers brands and companies to utilize the power of podcasting to build deeply engaged audiences and better relationships with their customers. My current and past clients have included major companies such as The Huffington Post, T-Mobile, Toyota, to NFL players, New York Times And Wall Street Journal Best Selling Authors, Thinkers50 speakers and Reality TV Stars. My mission is to help provide you with the tools you need to live a life of success and abundance through your journey of personal mastery.

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