How To Use The Power of Interdependence with Jeremy Poincenot

Jeremy Poincenot is a seven-time champion golfer and two-time Blind Golf world champion. At the age of 19, Jeremy lost his sight to a rare disease called LHON. Using his blindness as a catalyst for positive change, Jeremy continue to play at a high level on the international golf circuit and speaks across the country about his story of overcoming adversity and the power of interdependence. 

Roman Baca On Finding Passion, Creating Purpose and How To Tell War In New Ways

Roman Baca is a Marine Iraq War Veteran and the Artistic Director of Exit12, a contemporary dance company committed to creating and performing works about the lasting effects of violence and conflict on communities, families, and individuals.

He's been featured on the Huffington Post, spoken at TedX San Antonio, and was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, a program that aims to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.

Gordana Biernat On Finding Your Spirituality, Self-Discovery, And How to Become One With The Universe

Gordana Biernat is speaker, spiritual teacher and author of the upcoming book #KnowTheTruth – Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything coming soon from Hay House Publishing. Oprah Winfrey has included her on the SuperSoul100 list; a team of awakened leaders and visionaries with the mission to guide and inspire.

She connects daily with her 250k plus fans on Twitter (@mypowertalk) with daily mantras and positive messages in hopes to make a positive impact on people and the world. 

Jake Plummer On Football, Pot, and What Pat Tillman Taught Him


Jake Plummer is a former professional football player, a quarterback for ten seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the second round of the 1997 NFL Draft, and spent his first six seasons with the Cardinals and the last four with the Denver Broncos

In this interview, Jake talks to us about his playing days, his newfound love for medical cannabis and the game of handball, and what he learned from his close friendship with Former Arizona Cardinals and Army Ranger Pat Tillman. 

Cassie DePecol On Finding Happiness, Passion Driven Careers and How to Travel The World In Record Time


Cassie DePecol is the first woman ever to travel to all 196 sovereign countries on the planet. She's a fan of Anthony Bourdain, an advocate for peace through tourism and hopes to inspire youth to seek adventure through travel.  

In this interview, Cassie talks about the struggles she's encountered in the expedition, how she has evolved from reality TV to world traveler and how people can find careers that are driven by their passion. 

Jenny Blake On Work, Achieving Inner Peace, And Why The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One


Former Google Career Development Program Manager and best-selling author Jenny Blake helps leaders, employees and entrepreneurs achieve greater clarity, engagement, fulfillment, and impact. Her latest book, Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One was named by Business Insider as among the 20 best business books of 2016 and 7 books that will change the way you work in 2017.

In this interview, Jenny talks about her own struggles with work, achieving inner peace and why the only move that matters is your next one.  

Matt Gallagher On Handling Rejection, Joining The Military and The Importance of Telling War Stories to The Public


Matt Gallagher is a former Army Captain and the author of three books including his latest novel, Youngblood which is a finalist for the 2016 Dayton Literary Peace Prize. He holds an MFA in fiction from Columbia and has written for the New York Times, the Atlantic, and the Paris Review, among others.

In this interview, Matt talks to us about handling rejection, why he joined the military and the importance of telling war stories to the public.